Friday, June 2, 2017

Holy Terrors

On Sunday 2 July 2017 (12.45 to 14.45) at the Bradford Literary Festival there will be a screening of Holy Terrors, an atmospheric portmanteau film based on some of Machen’s short stories, co-directed by Mark Goodall, a member of the Friends of Arthur Machen.

These short pieces feature a fine narration of Machen's stories over scenes depicting the landscape, events and uncanny dimensions of the tales, using newly filmed work, archive footage and impressionistic portraits. The suite comprises "The Cosy Room", "The Bowmen", "The Happy Children", "The Novel of the White Powder" and "Midsummer".

Mark will then be joined in a discussion panel by cultural historian Dr Gail-Nina Anderson, and R B Russell and Mark Valentine, past editors of Faunus, the Friends of Arthur Machen journal.

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